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Orndorff, that Michael accompanied his son Mathias to Center Township, where he died and is buried.

            All claims say that Michael Roseberry Married Mary Mapel for his first wife, and this points again to New Jersey ancestry.  It may have been the only marriage made by Michael Roseberry, though Mr.  J. M. Roseberry claims a marriage with a wealthy Ruth Chambers. Here again the Tuscarora Valley would be considered, but there is no evidence to support the claim that Ruth Chambers was the mother of the children of Michael Roseberry.  All evidence would indicate that Mary Mapel was the mother of the children.  The death of Michael Roseberry and his wife (or wives) is not given in any records.



Family of Michael and Mary (Mapel) Roseberry


John Roseberry, born April 28, 1761, died June 20, 1853 (or August 20, 1855), buried with his wife in the old Point Pleasant Cemetery, Mason County, West Virginia.  He had removed from Greene County to Mason County,  (West) Virginia in 1812, and was living there in 1832 when he applied for a pension for services in the Revolution.  His application said he enlisted in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, on September 1, 1776, serving until 1781, during which time he took part in the Battles of Princeton and Trenton.  He wintered with Washington's Army at Valley Forge and was with the Army when Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown.  John Roseberry married Florence Cree, daughter of Robert and Janet Cree.  It is not known where they were married nor is the date shown.  Robert and Janet Cree were living in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania at the time of the Revolution, but settled on land near John Swan's Fort soon afterwards.  If John Roseberry married before the end of the Revolution it would confirm residence of the Roseberrys on the Juniata, prior to their settlement in the Tenmile Country.


Mary Roseberry, married Andrew Brown.


Elizabeth Roseberry, married James Crouse.


Elija Roseberry died intestate in Greene County in 1851.  His wife was Elizabeth Swan, daughter of William and Sarah (Harrod) Swan.  She died before her father and with her husband is buried in un-marked graves in the Swan Cemetery.


James Roseberry - No record


Mathias Roseberry, born January 11, 1772, died December 2, 1851, married October 8, 1795, Sarah Hughes, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Swan) Hughes.  Sarah was born January 27, 1779, died October 29, 1858.  Mathias and Sarah were parents of thirteen children. Their third child, Martha Roseberry married Ephriam Morris son of James Morris and Phoebe Sayers.


Michael Roseberry, born July 7, 1777, died in Jennings County, Indiana, January 3, 1852.  Michael married (1) Elizabeth Murdock, daughter of Daniel and Ruth (Williams) Murdock.  His second wife was Nancy Buckingham.  In 1812 Michael Roseberry removed to Clermont County, Ohio, where his first wife died near Batavia.  After his second marriage he removed his family by flat boat, arriving in Jennings County, Indiana April 3, 1839.  Both he and his second wife are buried in the Graham Cemetery.




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