Fletcher Family Tree 

Transcription of the Fletcher Genealogy compiled by Charles Wesley Fletcher, Jr. ca. 1905/06

Originally typed on ledger pages and placed in a post ledger Transcribed by Bonnie Lee Fletcher Eggert January 2000
Updated with corrections (in red)

Transcribed from copies made of the original sent by Claire Hughes Heatherington

wife of Mark W. Heatherington, Jr. the grandnephew of Charles Wesley Fletcher Jr.

I-1. A William Fletcher lived at Wisbeach (should be Wisbech and will be referred to as such hereafter), Isle of Ely, County of Cambridge England. Little is known of the facts of his life. He was lost at sea. Married to I-1 Miss ? (could not ascertain maiden name)(CWF). Two children were born to them, Elizabeth and William Fletcher. The widow was again married.

I-3. B Joseph Forsyth married the widow of William Fletcher. He was a weaver.
I-2 Mrs. William Fletcher widow. They too lived at Wisbech. Two children were born

to them, Joseph and James Forsyth. Mrs. Forsyth survived her husband.

II-1 William Fletcher son of William Fletcher I-1, was born at Wisbech, Isle of Ely, Cambridge County England. He learned the weavers trade. At the age of eighteen he was licensed as a local preacher in the Methodist Church. He was married to Miss Hannah Tuck about 1808 or 1809. Five (six, five living at time of immigration - Hannah, William, Thomas died young, Henry, Sarah, and Ellen) children were born to them before they came to America in 1816. After an eight weeks' voyage they landed in Philadelphia where he worked at his trade as a weaver for three or four years. Then with his family he went to the northeastern part of Pennsylvania to the county now known as Wyoming then a part of Luzerne County. He purchased and settled on a 700 acre farm about eight miles north of Tunkhannock, near the Susquehanna River. In connection with his farming he owned a sawmill and in later life did some weaving. His health was poor for the last seven or eight years of his life. He gave land for a cemetery on Tallow Hill and was the first one buried there. He died December 31, 1838 (died 29 January 1838. Will proven 27 February 1838). He was an earnest Christian and was a member of the M.E. Church. His wife's maiden name was Hannah Tuck. Her home was at Wisbech. She was the daughter of Thonas (sic)(assume Thomas) Tuck, a prosperous Methodist farmer. It is related of him that he built a church with his own means for the Methodists. After the death of her husband in 1838 she remained in Pennsylvania until 18-- (about 1851) when she removed to Udina Kane Co Ill. She lived there with her children until her death Dec. 

7, 1866. She is buried at Udina. They had 11 (12) children.
II-2 Elizabeth Fletcher daughter of William Fletcher I-1, remained in England all her life. She was married to a man named Wood. She died in 1866.

II-3 Joseph Forsyth son of Joseph Forsyth and Mrs. William Fletcher Forsyth I-1.B, was born at Wisbech, England May 14, 1797. He united with the Methodist church at the age of twenty. He was a local preacher for seven years and was regularly ordained in the year 1822. He preached at the following named places, Holds, Lynn, Petershead, Dunbar,

Penrith, Isle of Man, Clackheaton, Paletey Bridge, Delph, and Gateshead. He came to America in 1848, one year before his family and was in Boston and New York for two years. In 1850 he became pastor of the White Plain Presbyterian Church. In 1853 he went to Canada and again entered into the Methodist ministry having pastorates at Bruce Mines, Campton, and Hatley. In 1860 he was called to the pastorate at the Congregational Church at Waterville Quebec where he remained until his death September 28, 1866. He married Miss Eleanor Lowthian of Renwick (or Penrith) England in the year 1828. She survived him for twenty years. She died in Maine in 1886.

II-4 James Forsyth brother of II-3, son of I-B. He was a bricklayer and lived in London the later part of his life.

III-1 should be William Fletcher. We know nothing about him at this date except that he was probably the oldest son as he is mentioned first in his father's will.

III-1 Thomas Fletcher son of William Fletcher II-1, was born at Wisbech and died early.

III-2 Hannah Fletcher daughter of II-1, was born at Wisbech. Married Conrad Rinehimer. She died Jan. 1884.

III-3 William Henry Fletcher (should be just Henry Fletcher, not to be confused with first-born William), son of II-1, was born at Wisbech, England December 12, 1813 ( I have 1814 from several sources - BE). Married Maria Vanaker (s/b Lydia Maria Van Auken - BE) May 3, 1838. He spent most of his time at Udina Ill. Died at Elgin May 23, 1886. His wife died May 24, 1894 (should be May 24, 1892) at same place They had eleven children.

III-4 Sarah Fletcher daughter of II-1, born at Wisbech Eng. Married Beder Wood. They lived in Wisconsin. She died very suddenly April 26, 1880. Her husband died April 7, 1882. They had a large family. All the girls are dead, two boys died in the army in 1861- 65, two live in California. 

 III-5 Ellen Fletcher, daughter of II-1, was born at Wisbech 1816. Married Reuben Tuck. They lived in Elgin Ill. much of their married life. He was engaged in the coal business. They had seven children. One son died in the war of 1861-65. She died in April (should be March) 10 1882. He has been married twice since. The second wife he brought from England. The third was Mrs. Rose of Elgin, Ill.

  1. III-6  Campbell Fletcher son of II-1. Married Nancy Augle.(s/b Angle?)
  2. III-7  James Fletcher son of II-1. He was born in Bradford County Pennsylvania June

20, 1822. Married Mary Van Ness of Standing Point Pennsylvania in 1852 He moved to Elgin in 1857 and to Dixon Ill. later, where they lived for many years. His wife died in Dixon. He was married again to Miss Davidson Oct 8, 1886. He died Saturday Oct. 19, 1900 as the result of a fall from a walnut tree ten days before atAnaheine (sic) (Anaheim) California where he had lived since January 1888. He had four children by his first wife. He was a member of the M.E. Church for more than fifty years.

III-8 Joseph Fletcher son of II-1, went to England with Mary Standard (probably Stannard), a relative (may have just been a friend of the family - no relationship proven yet). Nothing more was heard of him.

III-9 Lewis Fletcher son of II-1, was born in Wyoming Co. Pennsylvania April 9, 1824. He was
converted to Jesus April 9, 1838. Married Lydia A.Grist June 26, 1849. They lived on a farm near Plato Ill. for seven years, after which they moved to Elgin. He was a prosperous farmer and has lived in easy circumstances ever since. He built a business block in Elgin, and has lived at the corner of Gifford and Park Streets for years. For many years he has been a class leader in the first church in Elgin 
(assume this

is First Methodist). His wife died September 13, 1893 (I have December 13, 1893). She could not walk
for many years before she died but did her housework in a castored chair. He was married a second time

to Miss Penslope (sic) 
(Penelope) L. Shaw, April 4, 1895. By his first wife he had three

children and they adopted one. Died July 1906 (this last entered at a later date)
III-10 George Fletcher son of II-1, was born in Wyoming County Pennsylavania (sic)

Died at five years of age.

III-11 Charles Wesley Fletcher son of II-1, was born in Wyoming County Pennsylvania, April 10, 1831. He married Miss Alvira Loveless October 1, 1857 at Plato Ill. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Mr. Kimball. He was a farmer for several years. Then he moved to Elgin Ill. and worked at the carpenter trade. Then he purchased half interest in a planing mill which he continued until he died June 16, 1881. The cause of his death was congestion of the brain cause by overheating. He was a sterling christian man a member of the First M.E. Church of Elgin. At the time of his death he belonged to the Hook and Ladder Company of Elgin.volunteer fire department. He was buried in Elgin Cemetery first. When the new Bluff City Cemetery was laid out, his remains were transferred there. He had three daughters and one son who is the author of this record. After his death the mill was sold and the estate of about eleven hundred (hundred crossed out and thousand written in) was divided according to law there being no will. His widow lived at the old homestead 255 Douglas Ave. until the fall of 1886, when she moved to Wheaton, Ill. to take care of her aged parents (Ariel Cobin Loveless and Eliza Jane Gray Loveless) Here she remained until her son finished his college course in 1892. Her mother (Eliza Jane Gray Loveless) having died in 1888, and her father (Ariel Corbin Loveless) not especially needing her care she moved to West McHenry Ill where her son had gone in September 1892 to take the pastorate of the M.E. Church there. While there a cancerous tumor which had been growing for moths (sic) previous developed very rapidly and in December she was taken to Chicago Hahnemaum (spelling?) Hospital for an operation. But it was too late and she died in a few days. Dec. 24 1892 at the home of her daughter Mrs. A Heatherington IV-37. She was taken to Elgin where the funeral was held in the First M.E Church of which she had been so long a member. The sermon was preached by J. T. Ladd who had been her pastor for five years at Wheaton. She was buried at Bluff City Cemetery, Elgin. A truer woman and better Christian than she can not be found.

III-12 Elizabeth Forsyth, daughter of Joseph Forsyth II-3, was born on the Isle of Man June 30, 1829 at the town of Peel For many years she was employed in the Elgin National Watch Factory. She was never married.

III-13 George Forsyth, son of II-3 was born at Gates head (sic) England Jan 26 1835 He came to America with his mother brother and sister in 1849. His father had preceeded them the year previous.He received his higher education at America Seminary and at Wesleyan University from which he graduated in 1864 The same year he went to Kingston Penn. and was a professor of Latin and Greek In 1866 he joined the Wyoming Conference of the M.E. Church though continuing to teach in Kingston until 1872. In 1872 he became principal of the East main Conference Seminary where he continued until 1881 when he entered the pastorate. Since 1881 he has been pastor of the M.E. Churches of Lusquehanna Pa., Omega N.Y., Scranton Pa., Nanticoke Pa. and Binghamton N.Y. Between his Nanticoke and Bingham pastorates he was presiding elder of the Chicago district for six years. In 1900 he was delegate to the General Conference held in Chicago. In June 1901 he was pastor of the Chenango St. M.E. Church of Binghamton N.Y.

III-14 William Forsyth son of II-3 was born at New Castle in Lyne England May 13 1841. On Sep 18 1870 he was ordained pastor of the Elm St. Congregational Church of Bucksport Maineand has continued as pastor of that church ever since. Sept. 30 1872 he was married to Evelyn M. Buck. They have four children.

IV-1 George Rhinehimer, son of Hannah Fletcher and Conrad Rhinehimer, III-2 (4)

IV-2 Emanuel Rhinehimer, son of III-2. Married Eliza Jane Clark. He was for years the partener (sic) of Charles W. Fletcher III-2, in the planing mill at Elgin Ill.

IV-3 John Wesley Fletcher, son of William Henry Fletcher III-3, was born at Wyoming Co. Pa. July 17, 1837 ( Should be 1839). Married Rachel Loveless, Dec. 12, 1860. He has been a farmer most of his life at Udina, Ill. Latter part of his life was spent in Elgin, Ill as a teamster. She died Apr. 2, 1901. She had not been well for many years. Seven children were born to them. He died June 13, 1904.

IV-4 William Fletcher son of III-3, was born in Wyoming Co. Pa. April 29, 1841. Married Mary J. Owens Oct. 26, 1873. Residence Friend Nebraska. They have had six children (C.W. only has five listed). Died August 13, 1904.

IV-5 Hannah Fletcher daughter of III-3, was born Sep. 30, 1843. Married Edward Whitcomb, proprietor of newspaper at Friend Nebraska. He has served in the Neb. legislature. They have had five children.

IV-6 Rachel Fletcher daughter of III-3, was born Oct 3, 1845. Married Henry Shure, Oct 18 1865 and died at Elgin Ill. Dec. 17, 1871. He was in the business of manufacturing hop. After her death he went west. They had two children

.IV-7 Lewis Fletcher son of III-3. Born Dec. 29, 1847. Married Emma Fisher Feb. 23, 1870. Lives at Friend Saline Neb.

IV-8 Sarah Fletcher daughter of III-3, born Aug. 16, 1849. married Chas. Fisher Mar 3, 1869. Moved to Morgan Hill Cal in Feb. 1894 where he conducts a general merchantise(sic) business. They have two children. He died July 1904.

IV-9 James Fletcher son of III-3 was born July 16, 1851. Married Jennie Bateman Dec 25, 1878. He is a carpenter in Elgin Ill. They have had one child. He now works in the Elgin Nat. Watch Factory.

IV-10 Lydia Fletcher daughter of III-3 was born at Udina Ill., Oct 16, 1853. Married Samuel S. Carr July 4, 1872. He is a veterinary surgeon. Address Elgin Ill.

IV-11 Byron Fletcher son of III-3 born Udina Ill. Dec 1, 1856. Married Fannie Mumford Dec 1, 1881. 

IV-12 George Edward Fletcher son of III-3 was born at Udina Ill. Feb. 19 1859. Married March 15, 1882 to Adella Bogne (should be Bogue). She died Dec. 25, 1889. They had no children. He was in the coal and wood business in Austin Ill. He now lives in Cal.

IV-13 Charles Fletcher son of III-3 was born in Udina Ill., Aug 19, 1861. Never married. Died in Elgin July 17, 1893 (Should be July 16).

  1. IV-14  Missing from original copy
  2. IV-15  Don (s/b Dow) Wood son of Sarah Fletcher Wood, III-4. He was a lawyer and

died in the Civil War.

IV-16 Abner Wood son of III-4. He was a captain in the Union Army He was shot through the head in the first battle after his appointment.

  1. IV-17  Beder Wood son of III-4. Died some years ago in Cal. (5)
  2. IV-18  Sarah Wood daughter of III-4. Have no particulars except that she is dead and

left a family.

IV-19 Adelaide Wood daughter of III-5(s/b 4? - BE). Have no particulars except that she is dead and left a family.

(There were more children in this family. See decendancy and genealogy reports)

IV-20 Elizabeth Tuck daughter of III-5, was born in Elgin Oct 30, 1839. Died Jan 21, 1875.

IV-21 William Henry Tuck son of III-5, was born Mar. 20, 1841 and died in the Civil War April 26, 1862.

IV-22 George Elmer Tuck son of III-5 born Jan 5, 1844 ( I have 04 January). Died May 2, 1865 (should be 1883).He was in the coal and wood business with his father in Elgin for many years. They had three children. Married Mina Perry Nov. 20, 1865.

IV-23 Sarah Elmmer Tuck daughter of III-5 was born Sept. 3, 1847. Married James Tuttle of Elgin Ill.

IV-24 IV-25 IV-26

Joanna Tuck daughter of III-5 born Jan 12, 1851. Died Oct 4, 1854. Charles Rueben Tuck son of III-5 born Dec. 29, 1854. Died Sept 11, 1855.

Charlotte Tuck daughter of III-5 born April 4, 1857 died Oct 21, 1857

IV-27 Alice Fletcher daughter of James Fletcher III-7. Married A. E. Susmill of Anaheim Cal.

  1. IV-28  Helen Fletcher daughter of III-7 Married H. E. Van Ness of Neola Iowa.
  2. IV-29  George Fletcher son of III-7. Now living in Chicago
  3. IV-30  Louis S. Fletcher son of III-7. Now living in Anaheim Cal.
  4. IV-31  Theodore Fletcher son of Lewis Fletcher III-9. born April 25, 1850 died April

27, 1852.

IV-32 Albert L. Fletcher son of III-9. Born Dec 10, 1853. Married Carrie A. Turner. He is a druggist of Elgin Ill.

IV-33 Henry C. Fletcher son of III-9 born Oct. 19, 1855. Married Almira Auston. She was born July 4, 1859. They were married Nov. 15, 1882. He is a farmer in Iowa They have had six children.

IV-34 Emma Fletcher adopted daughter of III-9 born Nov. 7, 1851. Adopted when six months
old Married Charles Stone Dec. 20, 1880. He is a Udina farmer They have had five children He died Feb. 12, 1901.

IV-35 Eliza Jane Fletcher daughter of Charles Fletcher III-11 Born on a farm in Hanover Twp.,

Cook Co. March 15, 1858. Married W. B. Reed March 20, 1883 ( I have March 28). He was a farmer near Sycamore Ill. born Aug 31, 1859. They have one child. Moved to Sycamore in 1902.

IV-36 Charlotte A. Fletcher daughter of III-11 born on a farm Plato Ill. Jan 30, 1861. Graduated from
Elgin Academy 1879. Taught in public schools of Elgin four years. Married Franklin James Page Aug 9,

1883. He was a jeweler Had a jewelry store two years in Byron Ill. and four years in

Oskaloosa Iowa.

He sold out the jewelry business in 1899 and invested in zinc mines in Missouri. He is comfortably well off. She died Oct 22, 1899. They had three children. Aug. 24, 1903 He married Miss Clara Haynes of Oskaloosa Iowa. 

IV-37 Alice Fletcher daughter of III-11. Born in Elgin Feb 22, 1865. Graduate of Elgin High School June 15, 1882. Taught in Elgin Public Schools four years. Married Alex. Heatherington June 24, 1886 at Elgin, IL. He is a printer. Later he moved to Chicago and was engaged in the candy and flavoring extracts business. They have had Five children. He afterwards returned to the printing trade.

IV-38 Charles Wesley Fletcher son of III-11. Born in Elgin Ill. March 23, 1869. Graduate of Wheaton College 1892 and of Rochester Theological Seminary 1896. Was in the Methodist ministry six months from Sept. to Feb. 1892-3. Student at the University of Chicago Feb 1893 July 1895. Student Pastor Pensselour Indiana April-Dec. 1894. Pastor Bronson Ave. Baptist Church Rochester N.Y 1898-1902. Married Laura L. Fuller May 22 1894 She is a graduate of Wheaton College 1892. They have had 2 children. Dec. 1, 1902 he became pastor of the First Baptist Church at Washington Pa.

IV-39 William Forsyth son of Rev. George Forsyth III-13. He is married and lives in Alleghany Pa.

IV-40 Eleanor Forsyth daughter of III-13. She was married to (?) They live in Alleghany Pa.

IV-41 Harriet Eleanor Forsyth daughter of Rev. Wm. Forsyth III-14. She married Gerald Elton Jillson of Providence R.I. where they reside.

IV-42 Joseph Buck Forsyth son of III-14, born at Bucksport Me. He married Mabel Benton of Boston Mass, where they now live.

IV-43 Frederick Wm. Forsyth son of III-13 (s/b -III-14?) Born at Bucksport Me. and when last heard of was living with parents.

IV-44 Alice Ethel Forsyth daughter of III-13 (s/b -III-14?) born at Bucksport Me. When last heard of was in Mt. Holyoke College South Hadley Mass.

V-1 Charles Rhinehimer son of Emmanuel Rhinehimer IV- 2 born Elgin Ill. He is in the planing mill business. He married Miss Meahner of Elgin Ill.

V-2 Albert Rhinehimer son of IV-2 born Elgin Ill.
V-3 Carrie Rhinehimer daughter of IV-2 born Elgin Ill. Married Kenyon

(Andrew J. Kenyon) of Elgin.

V-4 Alvin E. Fletcher son of John Wesley Fletcher IV-3. Born Oct. 25 1862 Works for American Express Co. Married Cora Schoonhoven Aug. 18 1884. 

V-5 Nelson E. Fletcher son of IV-3 born Udina Ill. Sept. 20, 1864. Died May 29, 1875.

V-6 Franklin G. Fletcher son of IV-3 born At Udina Ill. June 14 1868. He works on the C. B. and Q. R.R. Lives at Aurora Ill. Married Rosa Luenberger(s/b Leuenberger - BE) June 22, 1888. They have had one (two) child(ren).

V-7 Olive Fletcher daughter of IV-3. She was twin sister to Olin Fletcher. She lived two weeks. Born


Jan. 20, 1870.

V-8 Olin Fletcher son of IV-3 He was born Jan 20, 1870 the twin brother of Olive Fletcher Married Grace Butler Oct 7, 1890. He is a policeman in Elgin Ills.

V-9 Anna E. Fletcher daughter of IV-3. She was born at Udina Ill. Jan 10 1872. Married Alfred Hudson Mar. 15, 1890. Died May 26, 1892.

  1. V-10  Minnie B. Fletcher daughter of IV-3. Born Feb. 12, 1867. Died Aug 25, 1871.
  2. V-11  Walter S. Fletcher, son of William Fletcher IV-4. Born Sept 7, 1874.
  3. V-12  Nellie Fletcher daughter of IV-4. Born Feb. 1, 1877.
  4. V-13  Cora Belle Fletcher daughter of IV-4 born July 31, 1879. Died Feb 7, 1884.
  5. V-14  Aurthur (sic) B. Fletcher son of IV-4 born Sept. 7, 1884.
  6. V-15  Bessie J. Fletcher daughter of IV-4 born Jan. 9, 1892. Friend Neb.
  7. V-16  Mary Whitcomb daughter of Hannah Fletcher Whitcomb IV-5. She was born

Dec 12, 1876. Twin sister of Maria Whitcomb died Feb 24, 1877, at Friend Neb.

V-17 Maria Whitcomb daughter of IV-5 born Dec. 12, 1876. Twin sister of Mary Whitcomb died Mar 19, 1877 at Friend Neb.

V-18 Jessie E. Whitcomb daughter of IV-5. Born Friend Neb. April. 12, 1879. Died Jan. 1, 1881.

V-19 Henry A. Whitcomb son of IV-5 born at Friend Neb. June 18, 1881. Served two years in
U.S. Military Service in Phillippines

V-20 James E. Whitcomb son of IV-5. Born Friend Neb. Aug. 24 1884. 

V-21 Nora Shure daughter of Rachel Fletcher Shure IV-6. Born at Plato Centre (sic) Ill. Aug 22, 1866. Taught school some. Died at Morgan Hill, Ca. Apr 11, 1897.

V-22 Kittie Shure daughter of IV-6. Born at Plato Centre (sic) Ill. Oct 10, 1867 Married to Harvey M. Ruth (or Ruta) Jan. 14, 1886, at Geneva Lake, Wis. He was born in Clearfield Co. Pa. Jan. 23, 1863. Died in Elgin Ill. April 27, 1889. She now resides at Morgan Hill Cal. One child was born to them a son. She was again married to (Burr) Andrews . They live at Dakota. (?)

V-23 Edward W. Fisher, son of Sarah Fletcher Fisher, IV-8. Born at Udina Ill. Aug 28, 1875. Now lives at Morgan Hill, Cal.

V-24 Bertha M. Fisher, daughter of IV-8. Born at Friend, Neb. Dec. 28, 1881. Lives in Morgan Hill Cal

V-25 Pearl Fletcher daughter of James Fletcher IV-9. Born Friend Saline Co. Neb July 25, 1885. Graduate from Elgin High School 1903 Works at Elgin Nat. Watch Co. Factory.

V-26 Lenora Carr daughter of Lydia Fletcher Carr IV-10. Born Feb. 4, 1874 Married Berten A. Bowman


  1. V-27  Minnie Maud Carr daughter of IV-10. Born Oct 20, 1879.
  2. V-28  Florence Valeria Carr daughter of IV-10. Born June 27, 1881. Married Alfred


V-29 Gertaude(sic) (Gertrude) Isabelle Carr daughter of IV-10. Born Dec 24, 1884.(I question this birth date...doubt if her brother was born less than two months after her)

  1. V-30  Ralph Samuel Carr son of IV-10 born Feb. 17, 1885. Died Mar. 16, 1885
  2. V-31  Lulu Mae Carr daughter of IV-10. Born Dec 26, 1887.
  3. V-32  Bertha May Tuck daughter of (George - BE) Elmer Tuck IV-22. Born Sept. 1,

1866. Married Francis Edward Baumann June 11, 1886 at Elgin Ill.

  1. V-33  Mertie Belle Tuck daughter of IV-22. Born Mar. 14, 1868 Elgin Ill.
  2. V-34  Nellie Tuck daughter of IV-22. Born Elgin Ill. Mar. 6 1877. Died Sept. 16,

V-35 Amey Tuttle Daughter of Sarah Tuck Tuttle IV-23. Born Elgin June 25, 1885. 

V-36 James Rueben Tuttle son of IV-23. Born Elgin Ill. Aug. 19, 1887. Died Dec 1, 1889.

Insert Grant Tuttle here. He was adopted.

V-37 Ethel Mae Fletcher daughter of Albert L. Fletcher IV-32. Born Elgin Ill. Oct. 25, 1881.

  1. V-38  Glen E. Fletcher son of IV-32 Born Oct 29, 1886 Elgin
  2. V-39  Lewis Vincent Fletcher son of IV-32 Born Elgin Ill. June 19, 1891.
  3. V-40  Rollin (probably should be Roland) Fletcher son of IV-32 Born Elgin May 11,


  1. V-41  Lewis A. Fletcher son of Henry C. Fletcher IV-33. Born Oct. 14, 1883.
  2. V-42  Elsie C. Fletcher daughter of IV-33. Born Mar. 10, 1885.
  3. V-43  Albert R. Fletcher son of IV-33. Born Aug. 13 1887.
  4. V-44  Roy H. Fletcher son of IV-33. Born Feb. 21, 1889.
  5. V-45  Lydia M. Fletcher daughter of IV-33. Born May 29, 1893.
  6. V-46  Mary M. Fletcher daughter of IV-33 Born July 7, 1896
  7. V-47  Fred I. Stone son of Emma Fletcher Stone IV-34. Born Oct 22, 1881.
  8. V-48  Lion L. (should be Lionel?) Stone son of IV-34 Born Dec. 19, 1882
  9. V-49  Raymond Stone son of IV-34. Born Aug 17, 1885.
  10. V-50  Isla Stone daughter of IV-34 Nov. 20 1887. (9)
  11. V-51  Vernetta Stone daughter of IV-34 Born Nov 11, 1890.
  12. V-52  Chas. Wm. Reed son of Eliza Fletcher Reed IV-35. Born Elgin Ill. May 10,


V-53 Alice E. Page daughter of Lottie Fletcher Page IV-36 Born Byron Ill. June 19, 1884. Graduate of Oskaloosa Ia. High School 1900. Graduate of Penn College 1905.

V-54 Herbert Page son of IV-36 Born at Oskaloosa Ia. May 5, 1887. Graduate from Oskaloosa Ia. High School 1904.


  1. V-55  Florence Page daughter of IV-36. Born Oskaloosa Ia. Jan. 25, 1893.
  2. V-56  Alexander Edward Heatherington son of Alice Fletcher Heatherington IV-37.

Born Elgin Ill. July 17, 1887. Graduate of Lake View High School June 29, 1906.

  1. V-57  Mark Willard Heatherington son of IV-37. Born Chicago Ill. April 8, 1890.
  2. V-58  Lottie Heatherington daughter of IV-37 Born April 18, 1892 ChicagoIll.
  3. V-59  Ruth Heatherington daughter of IV-37. Born Aug 28, 1895 Chicago Ill.
  4. V-60  Martha Mabel Heatherington daughter of IV-37. Born Aug. 14, 1897. Chicago


V-61 Chas. Wesley Fletcher Jr. son of Chas. Wesley IV-38. Born Salem Ohio June 11, 1897 Died at Rochester N. Y. Feb 3, 1899 at 2:30 A M Buried in Mt Hope Cemetery Roch. N. Y.

V-62 John Fuller Fletcher son of IV-38. Born at 167 Columbia Ave. Rochester N.Y. Aug 2, 1899.

VI-1 Herbert H. (should be Herbert A.) Fletcher son of Alvin E. Fletcher V-4. Born Elgin Dec. 9, 1885.

  1. VI-2  Leo. E. Fletcher son of V-4. Born Elgin Ill. Dec 30, 1887.
  2. VI-3  Elsie M. Fletcher daughter of V-4. Born Elgin Ill. Dec 4, 1891 (I show Dec. 6).
  3. VI-4  George F. (should be George R.) Fletcher son of Franklin G. Fletcher V-6. Born

Oct 11, 1891.

VI-5 Robert E. (middle name Elmeron) Fletcher son of Olin Fletcher V-8 Born Elgin Ill. July 22, 1891.

VI-6 Charles C.(middle name Carr) Fletcher son of V-8. Born Elgin Ill. Mar 3, 1893 ( I have Mar. 2)

VI-7 Bessie May (should be Mae) Fletcher daughter of V-8. Born Elgin Ill. Feb. 25 1895.

VI-8 Bennie E. (should be Benjamin Butler) Fletcher born Jan. 18, 1897 

 VI-9 Earl J. Hudson son of Anna Fletcher Hudson V-9.

VI-10 Harvey Miriam (?) Ruth (or Ruta) son of Kittie Shure Ruth (or Ruta) V-22. Born April 7, 1887.



VI-12 VI-13


VI-14 VI-15


Florence Marie Bowman daughter Lenora Carr Bowman V-26. Born March 5,

Glen Carr Bowman son of V-26. Born Sept. 19, 1897.

Leroy Edward Baumann son of Bertha Tuck Baumann V-32. Born Nov. 21,

Frederick Llewellyn Baumann son of V-32 Born Elgin Ill. Aug 28, 1899. Raoul Baumann son of V-32 Born Elgin Ill. June 26, 1894. Died June 28,

Last page and unnumbered:
Gertrude Brayton Fletcher, daughter of Charles Wesley IV-38. Born December 31, 1905.

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This  Family tree has been shared with me by Bonnie Fletcher Eggert who along with her family I had the pleasure of meeting on one of my genealogy trips to Illinois.  I have left all notations intact as it was given to me.

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